Assisted Living in NEW ORLEANS


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A Whole New Experience: Assisted Living in New Orleans

We believe that every person has a right to enjoy and live their life to its best. With this in mind, our facility is prepared to take residents who are opening a new chapter of their lives. Assisted Living in New Orleans has several programs in the facility to promote a healthy and worthwhile manner of living through retirement. Our trained and skilled staff are sure to provide the best quality of care that can only be found in our facility. We build a community of seniors where anyone can be who they want to be and do what they want to do.

We give our residents the freedom to live life the way they intend to. With our assistance and support, we take pride in the service that we provide for our residents that is unique to the home care industry in New Orleans.

Assisted Living in New Orleans

We Provide for You

As our residents stay in the facility, they enjoy various benefits and privileges. They are also well-monitored in case they need assistance. Our amenities in the facility are designed to be accessible for everyone and our activities are sketched in a way that everyone can participate. Our culture of inclusivity and community is what makes our residents feel at home with us. Here is the list of the other things that our residents can enjoy in our facility:

  • Spacious and Pet-friendly apartments
  • WiFi, cable and phone services included at no additional cost
  • Beautifully landscaped terraces and courtyard
  • Walking trails
  • On-site pampering salon
  • Theater and living room
  • Activity room
  • Trash disposal service

Truly Reliable Care Services

We are passionate about providing each of our residents with the ideal amount of care, so all they have to worry about is doing the things that bring them joy. Our loving, dedicated care team is available 24-7 to determine any further needs or offer additional services to our residents. Such care services give residents more independence and privacy while not feeling like they are left out.

Our facility houses medically-trained, licensed and skilled professionals who can address medical concerns on the spot. We also have medical tools and gadgets that are at par with hospital standards in case of emergency procedures. Our holistic approach to caregiving inspired us to make sure that everything our residents need is right in front of them. The convenience we provide ensures the comfort that each resident deserves to have while staying with us.

Fun, Engaging and Stimulating Activities

One of the greatest things about one's golden years is the luxury of time. Time to make new friends, time to spend on your hobbies, and the time to learn new things. That is why we are passionate about offering programs and activities here at Assisted Living in New Orleans LA. To make sure that everyone is involved in our activities and programs, we make sure to know our residents interests and design the activities to be of interest to everybody. We encourage our residents to do these activities with their fellow residents to build camaraderie and a sense of community within the facility. Some of the many activities we have include:

  • Ageless Grace Chair Aerobics
  • Art-Throb Club
  • Green Thumb Club
  • Evening activities
  • Themed events
  • Scheduled outings
  • My Miracle Moment

Food and Nutrition

Food is an experience that is the center of our lives. Food is culture, identity, family, and fellowship. That is why in Assisted Living in New Orleans, our menus are full of hearty, delicious food created from scratch and served by our friendly service staff. Our dining staff handcrafts each dining experience to feel like a multi-star restaurant food each time. We encourage our residents to help us personalize our menus throughout the My Food portion of our signature Passion App, and we offer plenty of gathering spaces to dine with loved ones - which, of course, are always welcome to visit the facility. We also make sure to monitor the diet and nutrition of our residents by collaborating with their physicians. We take note of allergies and what they need to eat or avoid to eat.

Although each apartment in our facility has its own kitchenette, we still provide food to our residents and help them acquire fresh ingredients if they feel like making their own food. We make sure that the fresh food they get is from our trusted partners who produce organic food. We also have our own organic farm where our residents can plant and harvest different kinds of organic fruits and vegetables. After all, a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet.